I enjoy teaching and developing courses that either teach new material or old material from a new point of view

Courses I have taught: Multivariable calculus, Classical Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics, Continuum Mechanics, Approximation Methods, Applied Probability in Data analysis, Cellular Biophysics, Dynamical Systems, and Complex Analysis.

Courses that I have or am developing: 

1) What does the data say? A practical guide to learning from data


2) What is applied mathematics?


3) Energy and the Cell: A quantitative journey through how the cell uses energy to outdo engineered systems

(This is a particular slice through the topic of cellular biophysics with an emphasis on the cellular functionality imparted by the consumption of energy. This will involve teaching fundamental aspects of thermo and statistical mechanics building on Bill Bialek's beautiful class and book, and L. Mahadevan's course in biophysics)

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